Tips for Defining Your Personal Style


So many of us are on a mission to define our personal style because it helps us find confidence in our outfits and feel true to ourselves. It’s a fact that those who dress in clothing they love and feel comfortable in are more body confident and enjoy their wardrobe!

These days, it’s unnecessary to slavishly follow all of the latest fashion trends to be “fashionable”. The problem with following fashion trends is that they never last for long – it isn’t long before the next trend comes along and your clothing is outdated. What’s more important is finding a style that resonates with you, and which makes you feel like the best version of yourself each time you step out of the house.

Finding your personal style will generally mean less clothing waste too, as you won’t be snapping up the latest and greatest with abandon anymore. So it’s a mission we’ll gladly accept for those reasons alone.
Keep reading for 5 ways to define your personal style.
#1 – Dress for your body shape

Quite simply, dressing for your body shape will make you feel better and look better. And no matter what shape you are, be proud of it, and don’t hide underneath layers of clothing. You don’t need to dramatically change your body shape lose to look good, you just need to dress for the body shape you have in clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Knowing what looks good on your body is half the battle when finding your personal style (and don’t be put off in stores as display mannequins aren’t always going to reflect your body type.)
#2 – Invest in signature pieces
Once you’ve figured out your style, it’s time to find a few signature pieces. These items will ideally work well with other favourite items you have in your wardrobe. Once you’ve selected a few key items, you’ll find shopping becomes easier as you can work around these clothing styles and mix and match with ease.

Given that one of the biggest mistakes people make when defining their personal style is buying items haphazardly and THEN realising those items don’t really work well together, pause to make a more mindful purchase by really thinking about what you are buying and what it’ll match with. A good start for signature pieces include, a quality jacket or blazer, classic jeans, a versatile dress and ankle boots.

Sometimes you may have the makings of a signature piece already built into your style. If you wear glasses, then you can easily find frames that work as a signature piece for your style. You can even visit a website virtually try on different frames to see what will look best.
#3 – Get rid of old clothing
When finding your personal style, it’s a good idea to get rid of what you don’t like anymore. Not only will this free up space in your wardrobe, it may even make you a bit of cash, too. Selling clothing has never been easier with the help of apps such as Depop. The other benefit of ridding yourself of old clothing is that it forces you to acknowledge what styles work well on you and what you want to stay away from. You can also choose to donate your old clothes to charity.
#4 – Be brave!
Sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone before you can find your own unique style. So, if you’ve never tried a certain style of clothing before, or have never been adventurous with colour, how do you know you won’t like it?! If you love a certain style when worn by friends or a stranger, just try it on yourself – there’s nothing to lose. Finding your own personal style is sometimes about being brave and perhaps breaking away from your entrenched ideas about clothing.
#5 – Wear colours that suit you
n addition to dressing for your body shape, it’s also wise to go for colours that naturally flatter you. Some colours work well with your hair colour and skin tone, whereas others can make you look drowned out or flat. When you start to build your new wardrobe, pay attention to the colours you’re choosing and make sure that they’re going to suit you before purchasing. If you are struggling to know what looks good, check out this handy article for dressing to your skin tone and hair colour.

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