Top Tips For A Minimalist Personal Style


#1 – Go with simpler outfits

There are many advantages of opting for more simple outfits. For starters, you can afford to invest in better quality pieces that utilise higher quality fabrics and have better design.

More simple outfits also tend to be a lot more timeless. These days, trends come and go faster than anyone can keep up with them. At best, you’ll be lucky to get a couple of months wear out of the latest “it” bag, shoe or jean. And when the trend is over? You’ll stop wearing those looks and throw them into the back of the wardrobe. Not only is it exhausting to keep up, it’s wasteful, expensive and terrible for the environment.

#2 – Purge your shoe closet

In all honesty, we all probably have way too many shoes in our wardrobe. Who really needs 30 different pairs of high heels and countless sneakers? Ideally, to live properly in a minimalist way of life, we should limit our shoes to 1 or 2 pairs per type, or per occasion.

For example, a versatile and classic pair of heels for evening, a good quality pair of sneakers for exercise, and a well-made pair of sandals for weekends. You get the idea. This will help you declutter your space and you’ll get the most out of each shoe.
minimalist personal style

#3 – Go without a handbag

Take a look in your handbag(s) right now. From old receipts to nearly empty lipsticks, there’s probably a lot in there that you don’t need. Going without a handbag might seem impossible, but how much do you really need when you go out? While some of those handbag contents might be needed, you’ll probably be okay without that empty water bottle and and half of your makeup collection.

Going without a handbag is actually very freeing. You don’t have a bulky (and possibly weighty) item to carry with you, and you also don’t have to worry about losing anything. In essence, when we leave the house, all we really need are keys, money, and a phone with a cute case.

#4 – Get a low-maintenance hairstyle

Another way to bring minimalism into your life is by going for a lower maintenance hairstyle. Truth be told, low-maintenance hair can look very chic, and there are obvious benefits to not needing a weekly visit to the salon. For most people, shorter hair tends to be more manageable and it’s easier to keep looking healthy.

But if you’re set on longer hair, then you can still apply a minimalistic approach. First up, the key is to run with your natural hair colour. And second, you’ll want to keep it looking clean and polished with a quarterly trim.
#5 – Why bother minimising your style?

Adopting a minimal mindset to your style has several benefits. On the one hand, you won’t be trapped in the never ending trend-vortex, and secondly you will be able to handpick better quality items to represent your style. Not only that, but living with a more minimalist mindset will reduce any wasteful consumption practices, and lead to a generally more mindful way of life. Perhaps most important, is that these steps will remind you to focus on pieces that matter most to you.

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